How to Get Free Youtube Subscribers – An Ultimate Guide

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December 5, 2017
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How to Get Free Youtube Subscribers – An Ultimate Guide

Free Youtube subscribers

Free Youtube Subscribers

Welcome to the ultimate guide for quickly getting and maintaining a healthy YouTube subscriber base. Here we will tell you all about how to gain free youtube subscribers without getting duped by dozens of third-party websites. If you’re new on this platform, keep scrolling down we will cover each topic in detail For Your convenience. We will discuss everything that you need to know to keep your subscriber base active and have definite growth in YouTube…

Who are those people, who have subscribed to your channel ? And how they affect your channel growth ?

In YouTube, a subscriber is a viewer who has voluntarily chosen to follow your content/channel. This means that whenever you post a new video, the subscribed user will see your video recommendation on their youtube feed. And if they had to click the bell icon and opt-in for notification update then, whenever you upload a public video
their account and also all their logged (and connected to the internet) device will get a notification mentioning
about the new update to the user who has chosen to subscribe to your channel.

Having an active sub base is one of the important things for making a successful YouTube content creator.
Additionally, it will also help you to get good YouTube sponsorship deals. When someone subscribes to your
channel it helps the user to keep track of your contents over a longer period of time. Also, a good subscriber base ensures consistent views on your videos. More consistent views will give you more CPM (Cost per thousand ) which further means a steady income from all your monetized videos.

So, let’s now talk about how you can grow your Youtube Channel and in process gain hundreds of Free Youtube Subscribers.

Now, What is the most effective and legit way to gain free YouTube subscribers?

So if you’re looking for genuine subscribers instead of paid bots then you have to do a lot more than all
those fake sites are telling you about. The legit and only way to gain free youtube subscribers narrows
down to how you could manage and present your content. And it is already implied that the more your
content have originality the more subscriber it gonna attract. So, keep on reading the article below we will
be discussing all ways to increase your Youtube subscriber base.

➔ Collaboration

So have you guys ever heard of Youtube collaboration? This is a term used to describe a scenario where two or
more than two creators or YouTubers come across each other and decide to create content for either or both of
their channels. In today’s era, people are not just uploading videos based on their interests.Today’s YouTubers more focus on what their subscriber base wants or which content has potential to get viral etc. In doing so they are collaborating with various of artists regarding the better script, influential exposure, platform advantages etc.

Free Youtube Subscribers

To know more about YouTube collabs and their effectiveness, let’s look at the technique from a growing youtube channel point of view. When you have initially stepped foot on the platform it is quite normal that nobody knows you or your content genre. One of the most difficult milestones you have to cross is that of 500 Subscribers. It may seem easy upon reading the article but in practice is quite hard for a beginner. There are literally 1000’s of other creators, creating almost similar content like yours. So, the only way to be noticeable is to work with someone else who has an initial steady sub base and also engage in similar content as yours. Collaboration helps both parties to exchange their sub base and also become stronger than other individual non-collaborating channels

➔ SEO Management

You must have heard this term before. If not then basically SEO (Search Engine Optimization) management is a term which is used to describe the actions of which popularity or the ability of videos getting viral depends on. SEO management is a technique used by most of the content creators on the web to make their content readily available for search engines to indexed. It is one of the ways to get your content trending organically.

There are two types of marketing one is organic and another is paid. It said that the more your content is available organically to your viewers, the more it is easier for search engines to index. Also, organically viral contents help the creator to get free YouTube subscribers. Indexing is a technique by which most of the search engine’s algorithm scans the whole web for reliable keywords and sort out all developed contents. Indexing is based on a lot of statistics like how your content is doing organically, engagement activity, how helpful are your content and relevant keywords to respective topics.

SEO management basically determines the possibility of your content reaching to appropriate masses. You can’t simply earn free youtube subscribers without giving relevant information to search engines regarding your contents.

In order for your video to pass basic SEO standards, you have to maintain these following things

1. Use relevant tags.
2. Filled out meta descriptions for each videos.
3. Use relevant keywords for the video / gerne.
4. Use channel name and title of the video as suitable keywords.
5. Provide links to similar videos for reference.
6. Use annotations at the middle and end of the videos.
7. Provide links to your social media accounts in the description box.
8. Introduce affiliate links and discount codes for your viewers.

At last, try to keep the video clean as possible. If your content has mature content, make it an age-restricted video or else if a large number of users report your video, then it will lose traction in the middle and falls down the search engine index.

➔ Use Good Banner And Channel Logo

In order to gain free YouTube subscribers don’t try to force your content to your viewers. Your channel will not grow if you try to gain instant approval of your viewers. In order to maintain what your viewers are thinking about your content and how they are engaging with them is very important. Having a good branding also impacts on the number of people subscribing to your channel. If you want to make your channel more attractive to your visitor’s, learn a thing or two in designing. Statistics say that most of the visitor’s click subscribe button and bell icon as soon as they see the banner and intro of one’s video. In today’s age almost everything that looks good always sells well. Also, if you’re unable to design the banners and logos yourselves, you can always hire freelancers to do it for you

Additionally, if you want your viewers to watch a series of videos, Then you can create easy-to-browse playlists for those related videos. You should organize your channel in such a way that even a nobbie visitor should able to easily browse the contents of your channel. To increase impactive of your video, use better and clearer thumbnails (for mobile devices also) so that visitor should get a rough idea what type of content you are providing under that caption

➔ Cross-Link Videos

There are a lot of channels available on the platform those are using the CTA (Call to action) technique at the end of the video. In this technique, creator asks the viewer to do an action like a comment, like and subscribe to their content and increase engagement in the process. With each passing day, these CTA’s are getting way to predicted and nagging, causing them to lose their initial value. But obviously, there are few channels which are clever enough to tweak the technique a bit to gain more free youtube subscribers. Channels like Linus Tech tips have started to sending people to different relevant videos of theirs instead of monotonous CTA other channels are using.

So, use this technique of cross-linking videos to avoid viewers retain ship. Additionally, this will also help your videos to jump up in the indexing list and would easily available during a normal search.

➔ Build A Good Community

One of most important thing YouTubers ignore is good community building. A good community will always push your channel towards development and will help you get lots of free YouTube subscribers. Don’t treat your subscribers as a just only source of potential income. Respect them, help them. These two things go a long way into developing a good branding of your channel to the outside world.

Things you can do to build a good community :

1. Interact with a larger group of fans.
2. Take feedbacks and criticisms of your videos after certain intervals.
3. Try to help the ones you can.
4. Do a question-answer session after each quarter month.
5. Do check your subscriber’s channel (This will motivate them to follow you more passionately)
6. Never disrespect any subscribers views.

So, by following these simple rules you can also get lots of free youtube subscribers without much effort. Additionally, try to socialize with your fellow creators on various social media platforms and don’t hesitate for their opinion and feedback on your content. If you’re in luck you also get a good shout out from influential YouTubers out there. If they have more experience or subs than you, don’t hesitate to ask for their feedback or advice. Keep one thing in mind just making a good content doesn’t guarantee you any subscribers, but if you follow these above techniques then increase in subscribers is inevitable.


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